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Pupuk Gramafix ® Tanaman Cengkeh [ Clove Fertilizer ]

Price:PM (Pro Memory)
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Payment Method:Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Cashier Order
Quantity:@ 20 kg per Karton
Pack. & Delivery:Carton (D/W, K 200/M150/K200 ( 360x355x263) mm

Gramafix ® Clove as a complete compound fertilizer formulation and manufactured specifically for plant fertilization Cloves - will help farmers get many fertilizer nutrients as well. With full content covering the primary nutrient ( N, P, K) , secondary nutrient ( Mg, S, Ca) and micro essential nutrient ( Zn, B, Bo, Mn, Zn, Cu, Cl) and presented in the form of tablets 10 gr . Formula Gramafix ® Clove has been registered at the Ministry of Agriculture RI No: T851/ BSP/ VIII/ 2002.

By using a complete compound fertilizer tablets ( PMLT) Gramafix ® Clove, fertilizer demand is equivalent to only 35% of the total amount / dose of fertilizer used single farmers like Urea, SP and KCl. One ha Cloves ( TM 3-5) , for example, only requires fertilizer Gramafix ® Clove approximately 80 to 300 kg / ha / year. Therefore, the use of Gramafix ® Clove very effective and efficient in order to increase farmers' income.

How to cultivate is to make a circle / disc around the base of the stem, and Portugal set point - the point / hole for placement of fertilizer in the direction of the wind ( or 4 points to 8 points) . Gramafix input at a depth of 10-15 cm from the face of the ground with the dose or number of tablets divided equally recommendations on each point, which is half the recommended number of doses per year.

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Name:Mr. Sediaro Zendarto [Marketing]
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Rokan Hilir, Jawa Barat
Workshop Jl. Raya Banjaran No 390, Pameungpeuk KM 13 Bandung Kode Pos 40376, Ph : + 62-22-87800115- 70790116
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