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CVSK working on fertilizers and fertilizer technology to introduce flexible formulas ( in order to support specific locations fertilization program) , technology specific formula fertilizer per plant as well as organic fertilizers and biological resources and the development of machine tool processing organic waste into compost fertilizer.


In the category of compound fertilizer tablets ( PMLT) , CVSK is a pioneer in Indonesia in formulating fertilizer Gramalet® tablets. Fertilizers produced and formulated at the factory level in the form of tablets, to facilitate farm, farmer and businessman agribisinis treating plants. With a wide selection of sizes ie fertilizer granules 2-4 mm, fertilizer tablets and 3 grams and 10 grams of fertilizer tablets. Each fertilizer tablets consist of macro nutrient content of NPK ( Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) , secondary nutrient enriched fertilizer elements ( Mg, S, Ca) and micro essential include copper, Chlor, manganese, zinc, boron, molybdenum, iron ( Mo, Co , Mn, Fe, B, Bo, Cu, Zn, Cl) . With the completion of nutrients in fertilizer formulations Gramalet, users either in the form of fertilizers among farmers, planters, businessmen and entrepreneurs agribusiness plantations do not need to mixing of different nutrients in the garden and find different sources of fertilizer nutrients on the market - which often are not always available simultaneously and timely . In addition to the user ease farmers, compound fertilizer tablets also overcome the risks of mixing in the field ( manually) to various fertilizer materials - which often are even at risk of producing toxic to plants.

Lowering the cost of fertilizer or fertilizer use efficiency while meeting the needs of nutrients, require knowledge of fertilizer materials, how fertilizer application techniques, how to calculate the need for fertilizer, fertilizer efficiency, and determination of fertilizer recommendations which include:

1. Understanding the various macro nutrient fertilizers sekuder ( elements Ca, Mg, S)

2. Understanding of micro nutrient fertilizer bebagai ( element Fe, Zn, B, Mn, Cu, B, Bo)

3. Various organic compost fertilizer

4. Application techniques and computation efficiency of fertilization: techniques-application-fertilizer-efficiency

5. Calculation of fertilizer needs

6. Determination of fertilizer recommendation

Organic Compost

In the category of material of organic fertilizer ( compost) , CVSK consortium has managed to microbes ( probiotics) . Microbial decomposers are compost activators Green Phoskko® ( GP-1) and mineral bulking Green Phoskko® ( GP-2) and machine tool Biophosko® composter various household scale, and Rotary Kiln for commercial business scale. Machine tool processing waste into compost composter them manually ( type S, M, L, Roller Compost, Compost Barrels) , electric composter ( KE 100L type) , and Rotary Kiln various capacities ( Rotary Hand, 1000L RKM, RKE 1000L, 3000L RKE, RKE 2000L) following supporting machine ( Machine Counter MPO 500, MPO 850, sieve machine, etc.) .

Composter is very beneficial for the garden and hobbies manager in making compost by using raw materials derived from domestic waste or, type Rotary Kiln in supporting entrepreneurs to get business quickly generate from managing waste and commercial waste in the region ( housing, factories, markets, malls, hotel, restaurant or apartment environment) , agricultural waste and animal husbandry ( farming, poultry farming, cattle breeding business, etc) and industrial waste ( food miuman, etc.) as well as garbage and waste from the social area ( hospital, school and college canteen , places of worship, etc.) .

In fact, for the cities that have problems with landfill and waste management Biophosko® helps reduce waste since the source of the waste that is family, restaurants, malls, markets, factories and hotels. Now available Rotary Klin machine tool with the ability to process waste and waste from the volume of 1 m3 ( equivalent weight of 1 / 3 Ton) / 5 days / unit, 3 m3 ( equivalent weight of 1 ton) / unit / day to 6 m3 ( equivalent weight of 2 tons ) / engine units / day.

Technology composting ( composting technology) is becoming very important, especially to overcome the problems of garbage and waste ( organic) - especially in urban areas, such as to overcome the problem of trash in commercial areas ( residential areas, malls, hotels, industrial estates, factories, etc.) , garbage and waste problems in the social area ( schools, hospitals, places of worship, etc.) as well as problems arising from the existence of organic waste ( food and beverage industry, as well as agricultural waste, sewage farms and plantations) to build installations as well as home composting ( compost house .) As known, garbage and waste at least consist of two types, namely organic and inorganic. The average percentage of organic materials, in developing countries and agricultural society - such as cities in Indonesia, reaching 70% to 80% , so therefore composting ( composting) is a suitable alternative waste management for general city in Indonesia. Compost has the potential to be developed considering the increasingly high number of organic waste dumped in landfills causes pollution and odor and release of methane ( CH4) into the air.

Compost, as a result of processing waste and organic waste, a big benefit for the effort to improve soil structure by increasing soil organic matter content and will enhance the ability of soil to maintain soil water content. Microbial activity in soil that are beneficial to plants will increase with the addition of compost. Microbial activity helps plants to absorb nutrients from the soil. Soil microbial activity are also known to help plants deal with disease. Plants are fertilized with compost also tend to be better quality than plants fertilized with chemical fertilizers, eg more resistant crops stored, heavier, fresher, and more comfortable.

Bandung, august 2010

Sonson Garsoni, IR
+ 62-81572527115

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